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Secrets & Wives

The Hidden World Of Mormon Polygamy (Soft Skull Press)


When an English atheist sets out to explore the secretive underbelly of Mormon polygamy in America he discovers that it's a lot weirder and more disturbing than he'd imagined. But also, at times, more fun. A book about strangers, secrets, marriage, the apocalypse, prophets, wives and the outer extremes of faith.


"From his telling beginning, a quote from Bob Dylan, Bhattacharya is amusingly off and running, and readers will want to follow his punchy, magazine-trained voice wherever it may lead." - Publishers Weekly

"Bhattacharya gained impressive access inside the polygamist compounds, weaving a fascinating and entertaining tale..." - Huffington Post 

"Bhattacharya pushes past caricatures to show what Mormon polygamists are really like... A sensationalist smackdown this is not." - Slate 

"... a riveting read for both Bhattacharya's wry and heartfelt style and the nature of the material." - Library Journal 

"... Irreverent and whipsmart, journalist Bhattacharya gains unprecedented access to Mormon polygamists in this superlatively entertaining book... Grippingly personal, profound and impossible to put down." - Caroline Leavitt, NYT Bestselling Author (Pictures of You) 

"... very funny and surprisingly personal..." - Doug Fabrizio, Radio West KUER 


Radio: Doug Fabrizio on Radio West KUER, Aug 2011
Print/Web/Podcast: Salt Lake City Weekly, Aug 2011
Radio: Culture Shocks (Reverend Barry Lynn), Jul 2011
Web: Religion Dispatches, April 2011
TV: Thom Hartmann on the The Big Picture

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Author available for Q&A by phone/Skype through Readers Circle


When One Is Not Enough, in The Brooklyn Rail, Oct 2011


For Merril, the end is so nigh, it's scarcely worth setting the video. (Ch. 10)

He presented her with a clear choice - either fall in line and be saved, or oppose him and be turned into a black woman. (Ch. 10)

It was the slippery slope argument all over again, a favorite of hysterical conservatives. Today it's sodomy, tomorrow polygamy, and by the weekend we'll all be rutting with geese and sock-puppets in the car park of Home Depot. (Ch. 8)


"I don't know who Angie is!" My branch is breaking, the rope's unraveling. Either Angie's lying, Jim Harmston's lying or I am. And by defending myself, I'm attacking one of them. I'm screwed.

"You need to leave. I've already said too much. You just need to leave."